Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stage Door at Boston College

John Houchin, Chair of the Boston College Theatre Department , directed a highly entertaining comedy/melodrama that allowed many theater arts majors to shine. The play was set in Manhattan, in the 1930s, in a boarding house for aspiring actresses.

The first act opened with a great set and lots of actors dancing in period attire. One main plot line emerged with numerous smaller parts for a very large cast. Shan Agish played Ben Kingsley, the hero who sacrificed his career to give his girlfriend, the heroine, the chance to star in a play.

Lauren McLaughlin played Olga Brandt, a comically overwrought pianist with a thick accent. Although Lauren played a small part, she got a lot of laughs and was highly entertaining. The second act opened with a dance solo that was complex and flawlessly executed. All of those involved in the production, their families, and their friends have reason to be proud.