Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Newport, R.I. Architecture

Yesterday I looked at a book that interested me. "Newport Through its Architecture: A History of Styles from Post medieval to Postmodern" by James L. Yarnall. Rather than just showing off the Vanderbilt and Astor Mansions (they called them cottages), the book included examples of architecture from a period of several hundred years. The photo of the 1950s style diner assured me that this was the kind of book that I could relate to.

Last summer I took an inexpensive day trip to Newport, R.I., and saw the Breakers and Marble House, which are very large Beaux Arts Mansions constructed by extremely wealthy people a little more that a century ago. The Mansions are now owned and operated by a non-profit called The Preservation Society of Newport County . I would certainly take the bus trip again. However, after looking at the book, I wish that I could spend more time in Newport and learn about the architecture of different periods.

I don't have a car, and when I checked into room rates during the season when the houses are on display, I regretfully decided that it would just not be possible. Maybe I will find a way. Gotta keep a positive attitude about seeing some really nice historic house museums.


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