Tuesday, July 04, 2006

USS Salem

After touring the Adams National Historical Site I took a free trolley to the ferry back to Boston. When I arrived at the dock area, I had an hour before the boat departed. So for $5 I toured the USS Salem , which was a destroyer commissioned in 1943 and launched in 1947. The top deck was in pretty bad repair and I began to wonder what I was doing there. Then I went down to the deck below, and it was there that they had made it into a museum, with a wide assortment of rooms with period artifacts. There was a barber shop, a rec hall for movies, an operating room, an electrical room, a machine shop etc. The ship must mean a tremendous amount to local veterans of the navy and the marines. There were some volunteers on board who looked as if they had been in the service. The ferry from Quincy to Boston costs $6 one way. It was fast and a lot more pleasant than my train ride to Quincy from Boston this morning.


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