Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Concord Museum

Concord, Massachusetts, is a small town of less than 16,000 people and yet it has lots of interesting history, tourist sites to visit, and wonderful natural areas. Previously in this blog I have written about Walden Pond, Great Meadows, and the Ralph Waldo Emerson House . There are many more things to see and good reasons to visit Concord. The Walden Grille has very tasty food at reasonable prices. There are many historic houses and buildings, some open to the public.

Yesterday I visited the Concord Museum , which was just a one mile walk from the train depot. It breaks Concord history up into four main sections: native people inhabitation and the Puritans, the Revolutionary War period, the American literary renaissance, and the present. The first three periods are well represented and Emerson's study and the period rooms are a treat. The labels are well written. It was not overpriced at $8 for adult admission.


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