Sunday, June 03, 2007

New York Vacation

Visited my sister in Manhattan this weekend. It was truly a wonderful vacation. Her friends are so witty and smart and her dinner party last night was a delight. This morning before I left the City we had breakfast with up and coming dancers who were competing for contracts with the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago and the American Ballet Theater in NYC. We also met some more established dancers. What could be more fun?

Of course I like art so Friday night we went to Summer of Love at the Whitney Museum. It was tremendously entertaining. Yesterday I spent a few hours at the MET admiring the European painting collection. Early Netherlandish, and Italian oils were the highlights as well as the five Vermeers. I was a little disappointed with the special exhibition The Clark Brothers Collect. But what an incredible permanent collection! This trip was every bit as good as my Christmas trip to New York and that is a strong statement.


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