Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rameau and the Fabulous French Baroque

Christina Day Martinson, violin, Daniel Ryan, basse de violon and cello, Suzanne Strumpf, traverso, Michael Bahmann, harpsichord, and special guest Aaron Engebreth, baritone, gave a superlative concert last night in the Back Bay. Musicians of the Old Post Road are consumate musicians and their concerts are a delight.

Their Telemann & Bodinus Quartets CD is wonderfully melodic. Once again I thank my generous friend for the concert, dinner, and the CD. His enthusiasm for early music is contagious. He said last night that "Rameau was considered to be the French Bach."


At February 18, 2008, Blogger A Poet said...

Hi, It's nice to see you're still getting into Boston's culture.I went to NYC for the long weekend and wrote this poem:

the little chinese boy is sleeping
the bus hums at a steady speed on the turnpike
we are on our way to the next big city
outside the window the trees are going backwards

their buds say new-born pink
nascent green
early spring flowers
like music that will vanish too soon
play the season's melody

the sky brighter than before
provides the canopy
we are processing under

the mother of the chinese boy wakes him
to offer the lunch
she has prepared and stored
in a blue plastic container

my mother who had dropped me off at the station
after she navigated the crescendos
and rallentandos of the morning traffic
with her piano-player hands on the blue steering wheel
kissed me good-by
her halo of white hair falling softly around her face

the bus hums its steady pitch
guiding lines on the road disappear
beneath us
signs providing direction
come into focus whoosh past
and are left behind

the grass pushes through the breaking earth
the seasons are going back to the beginning
we are going on


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