Saturday, April 29, 2006

American Watercolors and Pastels 1875-1950

On Friday I went to visit the American Watercolors and Pastels exhibit at the Fogg Art Museum. It was my third time viewing the exhibit, and I will probably go to see it again before it leaves on June 25, 2006. Harvard has assembled an excellent small collection of works that show the range of what can be accomplished in these media. My favorite work was "Summer in Venice" by Maurice Brazil Prendergast. Before this exhibit I was unfamiliar with his artwork. Winslow Homer dominates the exhibit with nine watercolors. There are three very bright and cheerful watercolors by Charles Demuth on display including a still life " Fruit and Daisies". The eight works by James McNeill Whistler include a chalk drawing on paper, pastels, and watercolors. His range and talent as an artist are showcased. A twelve page gallery guide with nice color pictures is offered at no extra charge.


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