Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Swan Boat Ride

After work I took the T to Arlington Street Station and walked through the Public Garden. The trees are budding and just a few tulips are in flower. A young family with three small children, a picnic basket, and a huskie shepard, were sitting on a towel eating a late lunch. For $2.75 I had my first swan boat ride of the Season.
The Swan Boats seat about fifteen people each, on wooden benches and the whole boat itself is powered by a kid pedaling on the back. The ride lasts about fifteen minutes and it does a loop inside the small pond in the Public Garden. The woman taking tickets said that the swan boat rides started in 1877. The ride was relaxing and I saw ducks and Canadian Geese, but no sign of swans as of yet.


At April 20, 2006, Blogger histfan said...

I wrote to swanboats.com the following: "Just out of curiosity, are you a subsidized by the City of Boston or are you completely self supporting?" They responded: " We are a licensed consession for the City. We pay fees."

Considering that they charge only $2.75 for adults and less for children and seniors, I am impressed that they can make it on their own. It has been in the same family since its inception.


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