Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gardner Museum Concert

Sunday I plan to hear Beethoven piano trios performed in the Tapestry Room of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum by the Claremont Trio. This Museum used to be the home of Isabella. She filled it with fine art and a beautiful courtyard with flowers and shrubs. The building is in the style of an Italian Palazzo.

She used to spend summers in Venice where John Singer Sargent and Henry James would visit. There is a lot of information available on-line and in print so I will not go into much detail here. The Museum is a gem and the concerts are good and in a great setting.


At March 18, 2006, Blogger readerr said...

Hi Histfan,

I think it would be a good idea to repeat your links in the list on the right hand side (now they're filled with "edit me"). By cutting and pasting the code, you should be able to add as many as you wish. The benefit here is that we can follow a collection of links without having to scroll down through old posts to find them.

This afternoon I happend to be talking to an artist who didn't think highly Sargent, in fact he made a drawing and doodle over a newspaper article about Sargent's work. Next time I'll ask him if there are any 19th century American artists he does admire.


At March 18, 2006, Blogger histfan said...

Hi Readerr,

As always you have been a big help with my new blog. Tonight I had my first experience with code and I ran around in circles for awhile before getting it right.

As for John Singer Sargent, many people share the opinion that he was a second rate painter. I enjoy his watercolors very much in the Gardner Museum. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Harvard's Fogg Art Museum have very nice oils by him.

He painted murals for the Boston Public Library and the Museum of Fine Arts. If I lived in another city I would probably not feel as positively as I do about his work.

Perhaps the artist with whom you were talking prefers Mary Cassatt or Childe Hassam to Sargent. They are sometimes refered to as American Impressionists, although I do not know what the French would have to say about that.

I really appreciate your comments. Thank you.

At March 20, 2006, Blogger history-wannabe said...

I saw the Sargent watercolor exhibit at the Met in NYC last year, and the room literally seemed to glow with the vibrant colors and vistas in the paintings...


At March 20, 2006, Blogger histfan said...

Dear Histfan-wannabe,

That must have been an excellent exhibit. The MET is such an incredible Museum and I approve that the entrance fee is by donation. Furthermore, there is no additional charge for special exhibits. Didn't you go several times to see the Van Gogh works on paper?


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