Sunday, April 09, 2006

LYRICA Boston Concert

Lyrica Boston gave an outstanding performance of Schubert's Quintet for two violins, viola, and two cellos in C Major. The musicians were in perfect synch with each other and that missed note that I always wait for never came. It was really superb. The room was small and very live without any dampening, so every minute sound was amplified. In this case it was all the better for the audience. The first violinist, Laura Bossert, said that at first it was a little intimidating to perform there. The musicians very graciously mingled with the audience after the concert.

I arrived early and found a seat in the second row. What a treat to see talented musicians perform from only a few feet away. The concert was free and it seemed that every seat was taken. The Quintet in C Major itself is a beautiful and popular piece of music. These five musicians had only played together as a group for one year although some had collaborated with each other for seven years. Ashley Vandiver was second violin, Paula Majerfeld played the viola, and the two cellists were Yuan Zhang and Nick Upton. Bravo!


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