Saturday, May 20, 2006

Brookline Artists' Open Studios

Brookline artists are exhibiting their work in their homes as well as public buildings this weekend. A nice color brochure with pictures of the art as well as a map of sites was printed in advance. It is a well organized event with green balloons outside each place where art is on display. The quality of the art and photographs varies widely as could be expected.

Frances Nason Schreiber made some handsome watercolors with an especially nice sunset. Jenny Amory had lush green photos of both Maine and the Dominican Republic. Lina Marks exhibited elegant collages made of tiny squares of colored paper. Her landscapes were beautiful. In the same room her daughter Nancy Marks showed her own prints.

Gillian Jackson's nature photography was outstanding. Two photos of Elbow Beach in Bermuda showed a white beach with surf and an oncoming storm in the distance. They were majestic. Some of the other photographers work was uninspired. Most of the totally abstract work did little for me. A sunny Saturday with a cool breeze made for a good day trekking around Brookline.


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